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Welcome, I’m Dawn

 I’m a Transformation coach with over 19 years’ experience assisting aware individuals in manifesting their dream lives.
I offer wisdom and guidance through intuitive heart centered coaching

using the principles of the Law of Attraction and

the teachings of Abraham-Hicks as well as other Universal truths.

Have you been listening to Abraham, meditating, journaling, taking classes and seminars so that you can manifest your dreams?

You may have attracted some of the things you want in life and you may have a lot to be grateful for…

but perhaps you still haven’t fully manifested:

  • Your Financial prosperity
  • Your Divine Relationship and Love
  • Vibrant health and energy

  • Peace of mind
  • Self Esteem and Self Worth
  • Time
  • Freedom
  • Deep Joy and Happiness

“When people ask us how long does it take for something to manifest,
we say,
It takes as long as it takes YOU to release the RESISTANCE.
Could be 30 years, … could be a week, could be tomorrow afternoon.”
~Abraham Hicks

This resistance is from your mind.
It is doubt, shame, guilt, fear, regret, beliefs, habits, decisions or pain from your past that is keeping you blocked. We want to heal the mind but the mind cannot heal itself. True healing comes from a Spiritual perspective.

If your conscious mind is focused on manifesting your desires but… your subconscious or unconscious mind is focused on your resistant shadows and pain there is a tug of war and manifesting your dreams is difficult, if not impossible.

The shadows within you are a large point of attraction. They are attracting like vibrations into your life whether you like it or not.

Releasing resistance can be easy and quick, but can be difficult to do on your own.

I can help you heal your subconscious beliefs and shadows and assist you in stepping into your power, into your vortex.

Are you ready to go to the Next Level in your life? Let’s heal your blocks and write your new story.

The Law of Attraction is a way of life; a way of understanding the world; it’s remembering that you are connected to Source; It’s a choice you make in each moment to remember that all is well and that you are a powerful deliberate creator in this vibrational Universe.

Working with me is where the law of attraction moves from the theoretical to lasting transformation. This is an opportunity for you to connect deeply with your Divine Guidance and experience consistent inner peace.

If you’re no longer willing to take the slow path to living the life you were meant to live then let me help you.

I can’t wait for you to know what it feels like …

  • To know the Universe has your back
  • To know how to manifest anything you want
  • To believe without question you deserve everything you want
  • To strip away your family generations of fear and playing small
  • To know at your core that you are a child of the Universe
  • To step into your new life

The awareness you attain are gifts for you to keep forever – and share with your loved ones.

My clients move from a mind-led life to a Spirit-led life

and that is where our true happiness is.

You can continue to try to reach this awareness on your own or allow me to help and get you there much quicker.

Perhaps you are here for a reason – take a deep breath and check in with your higher self if this is right for you.

If you are ready to release your resistance and become the deliberate creator you were meant to be then let’s have a complimentary phone consultation.