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Happy Cyber Week!



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Your invitation to be A POWERFUL DELIBERATE CREATOR has arrived:
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What is included in this bundle?

1. The Total Transformation Program for 2019.

The powerful and deep LIVE training to heal, transform and manifest that has created amazing results in thousands of clients lives over the last 16 years.

Save hundreds!

2. One on One Coaching Calls

Two private one on one hour coaching calls with Dawn

at the completion of the program

$450 Value! – included in this bundle

3. One years access to the Total Transformation Private Facebook Group

4. One years access to the Total Transformation Graduate Program with twice monthly LIVE calls with Dawn

This is your invitation to manifest your dream life!


This program starts on January 12th

and is held live online each Saturday at 11:00 am Eastern time.

Here is a time converter for your convenience

Meet with Dawn LIVE online each week for exclusive coaching

and Q&A with like-hearted men and women from around the world. 

Ask Dawn your questions LIVE and receive the powerful coaching

Dawn’s global clientele raves about.

Ultimately, this exclusive bundle will empower you to focus on YOU

to start your new year with a bang!

If your busy life has you in the habit of putting yourself last,

now’s the time to get intimate with your dreams and your greater purpose once again.

This Special Holiday Offer Expires

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  • Connect with your Inner Being and clarify your Divinely-guided vision for your EPIC next chapter
  • See what happens when you are consistently in your spiritual vortex. Be motivated, transformed and uplifted
  • Reveal your spiritual truth and activate your spirit that will manifest your destiny
  • Deepen your alignment with your Higher Self and Source so the Universe can abundantly support you every step of the way
  • Let go of any subconscious beliefs or decisions that still has you feeling “unworthy” or “not good enough”
  • Experience a deeper healing of any fears or limiting beliefs and FINALLY become the happy and abundant being you were born to be!
  • Celebrate how far you’ve come, spiritually release old wounds, and stay present as you set yourself up for joy and abundance in the year to come!





With all the cozy, yet busy energy of the holidays, I know how tempting it is to put your dreams on the backburner right now.

You know the best way for you to get ahead in life is neither to unplug completely,

nor to hustle harder.

You also know that the best Cyber Week isn’t about more “stuff”.

It’s about YOU and your joy and abundance!

This is your chance to open up to what MORE is for you, to discover your one-of-a-kind Divine POWER, and to finally have the motivation and confidence to turn your epic dreams into your daily reality!

That’s why I’m inviting you to claim this bundle and give yourself a gift that’s DEEPLY nourishing for you and everyone around you…

So that you can go into next year with a light, generous spirit and kick off 2019 feeling rejuvenated, excited, and ready to step up in your life.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know this is the most insider access to me and the TOTAL TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM I will offer at the absolute lowest price…so don’t miss out!

Purchase your Cyber Week Bundle now, and I’ll see YOU in the weekly livestreams and during our exclusive calls together.

Let’s get you the breakthrough you deserve!

All my love,


Connect with Dawn Michaels LIVE and let her help you step by step into becoming a powerful manifestor.

Kim Ellen Bartlett

Dawn Michaels is loaded with integrity and truly loves what she does.

I have been a follower of Abraham for quite a few years. I saw that Dawn uses the teachings of Abraham in her program and other spiritual components and I felt like that was what I needed to start things moving for me.

There were several areas of my life that I wanted to improve upon, and my Law of Attraction practices weren’t working too well for me….or not fast enough anyway!!

My first and foremost issue at hand was money. After starting working with Dawn’s program I landed a fabulous job that pays me in 1 day what I was making in a week at the previous job.

Aside from the job, my greatest improvement from working with Dawn is learning to become more aware of not letting my mind be the boss, but rather my inner self.

If anyone asked me about working with Dawn’s program, I would support them 100% and encourage them to start right away. It does not take very long to see and feel results from working with her.

Dawn Michaels is loaded with integrity, truly loves what she does, and does it very, very well.

Thank you,

Dawn’s program is priceless.

My entire perspective of life has changed. I began with feeling a lightness in my step followed by an awareness and happiness I had only dreamt of. It feels so good to know that I am a consistently loving and connected.

My present perspective is so different from that of my past. I now love my life! Dawn’s program has given me tools and guidance that will last me a lifetime and be joyously passed down to my children.

Beth Warner

Sharon Pasqual

I am much happier and emotionally, mentally and spiritually stronger.

I tried hypnosis, life coaching, read lots of spiritual books but I still was not getting the results I wanted. I had been studying the law of attraction for 10 years but nothing seemed to work. When I started with Dawn’s program, I saw immediate results.

I attracted a new job and a man into my life. Now, I am much happier and emotionally, mentally and spiritually stronger. As a bonus my finances grew about 30 percent.

Dawn is professional, intelligent, perceptive and attentive.

The results that I have obtained are more focus, I’ve cleaned up thoughts and attitudes in a big way.

I don’t take my own excuses anymore.

I also took my power back and can make things happen now.

I have more happiness, power and peace.

I can honestly say that my life has turned around. Until I started working with Dawn’s program, I didn’t know that this physical, mental and Spiritual place within me existed. Thank you for guiding me to the best possible me I could be.

Colin Tippin

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