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Are you struggling to get the Law of Attraction to work?

Have you been listening to Abraham, meditating, journaling, taking classes and seminars so that you can finally manifest those big desires?

  • This is WAY beyond the beginner level of affirmations, visions boards and positive thinking
  • Discover the crucial missing pieces that even the spiritually enlightened usually don’t know
  • Transcend to a much deeper level with the law of attraction where you become a deliberate creator

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My entire perspective of life has changed. I began with feeling a lightness in my step followed by an awareness and happiness I had only dreamt of. It feels so good to know that I am a consistently loving and connected.

My present perspective is so different from that of my past. I now love my life! Dawn’s program has given me tools and guidance that will last me a lifetime and be joyously passed down to my children.