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In this powerful video series I share with you a deeper understanding of the law of attraction along with powerful processes you can apply TODAY to finally manifest your abundance of love, finance, joy and health..

In the Deeper Side of the Law of Attraction I offer you:

  1. 3 simple strategies you can implement today to help you manifest your dreams.
  2. How to tap into your vibrational Universe and use it to manifest.
  3. How the law of attraction responds to your DOMINANT vibration, either Higher Self or subconscious mind.
  4. 6 steps to manifesting anything you want
  5. How our subconscious blocks have their own vibration with the law of attraction
  6. How to end doubt and worry and start allowing Source to assist you in manifesting all that you want.
  7. Where you really are on Abraham’s Emotional Guidance Scale.
  8. How healing your subconscious shadows can release your resistance so you can finally manifest.

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