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Shadow Healing and Spiritual Manifesting 

8 Week Course

Who would benefit from this course?  The ideal person for this course is someone who is interested in the spiritual side of the Law of Attraction but doesn’t have the opportunity whether time or money for one-on-one coaching. This course is designed for you to complete on your own time.

How does this course work? Each week, we will email you a new lesson for you to work through. We provide worksheets and a one hour video for you to listen to. Results are best achieved if you commit to a certain day and time each week to complete your lesson.

What can you accomplish in 8 weeks? It’s a two-part process where I will show you how you can heal your shadows and change your habits.  I will go over the basics of the spiritual side of the Law of Attraction and give you opportunity to find happiness in career and money, relationships, health, peace, and awareness. The time to be happy is now!

How much does this course cost? $247 or 3 payments of $97 is the cost for this powerful Shadow Healing and Spiritual Manifesting Course. It’s a valuable course at a great rate!

Body, Mind & Spirit

The first week, I will be showing you a real understanding of body, mind, and spirit. We are born spirit-led, but over time we become mind led.  We are taught to think things through at home, in school and at work.  But what if we felt our way through instead?  Our happiness and ability to manifest is directly affected by the percentage of our life that is spirit-led.

I will also teach you a better understanding of the emotional tone scale.  Where are you in the areas of money, relationships, health, peace, and overall happiness?  How to get up the scale and how to spot where others are on the scale are part of this week too.


We will be dealing with suppression in the second week. So many people are unaware of the effects of being suppressed by others or our environment.  This week is where we learn about co-dependence, narcissism, and other types of people who drain your energy and affect your happiness.

We can heal our past when we realize that we were suppressed and by whom.  Then we want to develop healthy boundaries.

Routines & Structures


In order to fully connect with Source, I want to help you develop some fun and highly effective activities that include the power of mastering your morning.  I offer you a 21 minute program that will create huge shifts in your ability to manifest and deepen your spiritual connection.

LOA in Action

Let’s put the Law of Attraction in action this week! I’ll be teaching you to write your personal script.  One of the most powerful tools you can use.

We will also be reviewing how to build your Spiritual sanctuary and know how to use it.

This week we will also talk about the birth of subconscious shadows and understanding the trauma and contrast of your life.

Healing- Part 1


It’s a powerful result when you release your subconscious shadows. We become addicted to certain emotions, but it’s time to spiritually grow up. During this week’s part 1 of healing, we will be clearing and healing old beliefs and decisions that you may have picked up from family or because of events in your life.

Radical Spiritual Responsibility


I want to introduce you to radical spiritual responsibility.  Seeing our stories from a broader perspective.

The “no pain, no gain” paradigm is the opposite of Law of Attraction principles because the underlying lie is that we are not worthy without pain or sacrifice. This concept applies to relationships, finances, health and parenting.  Let’s get to the spiritual truth.

Healing- Part 2


Let’s work on getting a higher perspective viewpoint this week and continue our healing in Part 2. Did you know all blocks are actually lies? We need to find and clear the remaining blocks. Let’s look at this from all perspectives and talk about whether forgiveness of self and others is necessary.

Discover Your Worth 


To conclude this powerful series, we will discover your worth by looking at the gifts you bring to the world. Together, we will focus on joy and find what it is really like to follow your intuition. I want to leave you with power to step into a whole new world so you can tell your story 6 months in the future. The time to be happy is now. The time to manifest is now.