Spiritual Transformation Coach Mentorship2019-01-01T18:37:45-06:00

Spiritual Transformation Coach Mentorship

for those that have a calling

to be a Spiritual Coach

One on One Private Coaching with Dawn

6 month program

This program is multi faceted and starts with where you are in your process of being a coach.

We clarify your calling and your message.  We help you find and define your voice.

We clarify who your clients are and how you can best serve them.

We heal your subconscious beliefs regarding changing careers

…and stepping into your wisdom.

We define the lifestyle you wish to create with your coaching career.

We walk you through the systems and structures you will want in your practice including

web development, advertising, personal branding, coaching outlines and much more

This program starts with TransGenerational BioEnergetic Subconscious Healing 

and also includes BioEnergetic Subconscious Healing on other needed subjects regarding your calling to coach.

This is about truly stepping into your wisdom

as a spiritual transformation coach

and setting up the systems and structures to support you in your calling.

includes email support between appointments

If you would like to see if working with me feels right for you

please contact me for a free consultation