Body, Mind or Spirit- which is leading your life?

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Body, Mind or Spirit- which is leading your life?

I think most of us are in agreement that we have three components… 

Body, Mind and Spirit

but…which one has primary control in your life…

and therefore your manifestations?

Which one is offering the stronger vibrations in Your life? 

If you look at the world around us you may notice that most people are being led through life by their mind.  A few are ‘body-led’ and a few are ‘Spirit-led’. 

Your happiness

is directly related to

how much of your life

is ‘Spirit-led’. 

So why are so many of us ‘Mind-led’ in our life? 

We are born into this life as Spirit-led infants and then at some point a painful physical or emotional experience causes the mind to move into control as a survival mechanism.    

Unfortunately we don’t take control back from our mind once the danger is gone.  Many of us stay in a continuous state of fight or flight, feeling like much of the world is dangerous and justifying our mind maintaining its control. 

How do you pivot from your minds constant chatter and effects on your self esteem?  How do you empower your spirit to take a leadership role? 

Each of us can heal our resistance so that we can move on to a Spirit-led life.  When you heal that resistance from a spiritual perspective it heals very quickly. 

It’s our spirit that has the most power because that is our connection to Source.   

Let us help you release your resistance

and fully empower you

as the powerful deliberate creator

that you really are.


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